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Prior to April 12, 1972, Pennsylvania had a regulation that all birth times be recorded as Standard Time regardless of the time of year in which the birth occurred. This meant that births that occurred during Daylight Savings Time had to be recorded as Standard Time.

​Some hospitals birth records have the letters ‘DST’ (Daylight Savings Time) or ‘EST’ (Eastern Standard Time) to indicate whether or not they were following the regulation. Other sources for this information are maternity ward nurses - particularly those who were working in the maternity ward prior to 1972, medical records personnel, or others who are associated with and knowledgeable about a particular hospital’s policy. 

The Pennsylvania Time Project is my attempt to provide you with accurate information for Pennsylvania births.
Pennsylvania does not put birth times on the birth certificate. It is on the hospital birth record. You have to request the record from Vital Statistics or ask them to write the time on the certificate. For information about how to find a Pennsylvania birth time, go to Vital Records

I have a list of hospitals below . As more information becomes available, it seems clear that the majority of hospitals recorded births as EST all year around prior to 1972.  If you have a birth time from a hospital, you are better off assuming it is an EST birth time.  I will continue to keep you updated. 

Thank you so much to all who have supplied me with birth time information. ​ If you have any information about a particular hospital, please email me.

If anyone has sent me information that does not appear below, please re-contact me. Thanks! 

Hospitals in Pennsylvania confirmed as recording birth times as Eastern Standard Time (EST) throughout the year prior to April 12, 1972

Allentown Osteopathic Hospital     Allentown, Lehigh County

AFL-CIO Hospital     Philadelphia, Philadelphia County (now called Kennedy Hospital)

Bryn Mawr Hospital     Bryn Mawr, Montgomery County 

Butler Hospital      Butler, Butler County 

Charleroi-Monessen Hospital   Charleroi, Washington County

(Monongahela Valley (Mon Valley) Hospital was built to replace the Char/Mon Hospital.) 

Chester County Hospital    West Chester, Chester County 

Chestnut Hill Hospital    Philadelphia, Philadelphia County 

Delaware Valley Medical Center    Bristol, Bucks County 

Fitzgerald Mercy Hospital       Darby, Delaware County * see note below
*Important - Although this hospital seemed to have had a general policy to write times as Standard time - this hospital also has some birth times listed as DST for daylight savings time. Order the hospital birth record to be sure. You can find out how above.

Frankford Hospital     Philadelphia, Philadelphia County

Germantown Hospital     Philadelphia, Philadelphia County 

Jefferson Hospital    Philadelphia, Philadelphia County 

Lancaster General Hospital     Lancaster, Lancaster County
(A woman in Medical Records reports that the hospital continued to use EST all year around for approximately a year after they did not have to do so any more, which means that some births in 1973 may recorded as EST even during EDT). 

Lankenau Hospital    Wynnewood, Montgomery County
(Some people report this hospital as being in Philadelphia because it is on the dividing line between Wynnewood and Philadelphia) 

Magee Hospital    Pittsburgh, Allegheny County (also called Magee Women’s Hospital)
*Important - Although this hospital seemed to have had a general policy to write times as standard time - this hospital also has some birth times listed as DST for daylight savings time. Order the hospital birth record to be sure. You can find out how above.

Lower Bucks Hospital      Bristol, Bucks County

Mercy Hospital    Pittsburgh, Allegheny County 

Mercy Hospital    Scranton, Lackawanna County

Misericordia Hospital     Philadelphia, Philadelphia County 

Mercy Haverford Hospital    Havertown, Delaware County 

Methodist Episcopal Hospital    Philadelphia, Philadelphia County 

Montefiore Hospital   Pittsburgh, Allegheny County

Nazareth Hospital      Philadelphia, Philadelphia County 

Osteopathic Hospital    Philadelphia, Philadelphia County

Phoenixville Hospital         Phoenixville, Chester County

Poly Clinic      Harrisburg, Dauphin County

Reading Hospital    Reading, Berks County

Riddle Memorial Hospital      Media, Delaware County

(I have information that this hospital continued to register births as Standard Time through 1975)

 Rochester General Hospital     Rochester, Beaver County 

 Rolling Hill Hospital     Elkins Park, Montgomery County

 This hospital is sometimes listed as being in Cheltenham 

 Sacred Heart Hospital     Chester, Delaware County 

 Saint Joseph’s Hospital     Lancaster, Lancaster County 

 Saint Joseph’s Hospital     Philadelphia, Philadelphia County 

 Saint Joseph's Hospital     Reading, Berks County

 Saint Luke's Hospital    Fountain Hill, Lehigh County

Temple Hospital     Philadelphia, Philadelphia County

Westmoreland Hospital    Greensburg, Westmoreland County

Hospitals confirmed as recording birth times as EDT during Daylight Savings Time and EWT during War Time prior to April 12, 1972. 

Episcopal Hospital Episcopal Hospital    Philadelphia, Philadelphia County 

Hospital of the University of Pennsylvania (HUP)    Philadelphia, Philadelphia County 

Pennsylvania Hospital    Philadelphia, Philadelphia County
[This is not the Hospital of the University of  Pennsylvania (HUP)] 

Saint Vincent’s Hospital    Philadelphia, Philadelphia County 

Sewickley Valley Hospital    Sewickley, Allegheny County

Additional Information
I have decided to pass on information based on Pennsylvania astrologers' personal experience and research even when we still lack the official documentation. 

DEAR Vivian,
I was talking to a couple gentlemen who work at the university I work at.    
They both told me separately that all hospitals in pa. recorded birth time in standard time, and that procedures at the hospitals    where recorded in standard time , all the clocks in the hospitals where set on standard time making it difficult for the people working there.   
My friends are in their 70s and 80s ,one remembers walking in to a hospital in 1963 and all the clocks where on standard time  when everyone else was using daylight savings time.  they said it was the law and all hospitals in pa. followed it . I don't know when they stopped ,but they both thought it was the mid 60s [it was actually 1972 AO]
I hope this will help you out,     j.s. 


Abington Hospital 
Astrologer Linda Waters has reported that she quizzed a person in Medical Record at Abington Hospital which is located in Montgomery County who reported that this hospital recorded births as Standard Time all year around until the early 1950’s. After that the hospital recorded in local time. Although there is nothing yet official, Linda Waters feels certain that the Standard Time works for clients who were born prior to 1950. 

Information about Allentown Osteopathic Hospital 

From Bobbie Folz Peters
Hello Vivian, 
I have some info concerning the recording of Pennsylvania births I hope you will find helpful. My son Nicholas was born in the Allentown Osteopathic Hospital on May 26, 1973 at 6:02 AM EDST; however his certificate shows his time of birth as 7:02 AM EST.  

Information about Chester Hospital 
Someone reported the following:
I was born in Chester hospital 1958  my mother remembers my birth time around 3 am my birth record says 1.24 am  that makes me think that old Chester hospital  used EST for births
Information about Citizen's General Hospital in New Kensington in Westmoreland County
It's been reported to me by someone who spoke to a maternity ward nurse who worked at this hospital prior to 1972 that birth times were recorded in the time being observed meaning that they did not follow the regulation. The person I spoke with stated that she feels here birth chart to be accurate using an EDT chart for her summer time birth.


Information about Fitzgerald Mercy Hospital 
I received the below:
Hi, Vivian…
I came across your web page regarding the PA Time Project.  It interested me because I was born on August 12, 1951 at Fitzgerald Mercy Hospital in Darby, PA.  I checked my birth certificate (I still have the original hospital certificate) and found that my birth time is listed as 1:45 AM D.S.T.   I also have my sister’s original hospital birth certificate, also Fitzgerald Mercy.  It shows that she was born on October 25, 1954 at 5:58 PM E.S.T.  (Based on DST ending on the last Sunday of October, DST was in effect when she was born.) 
I thought this information might be helpful to you since you have Fitzgerald Mercy listed as a hospital that recorded birth times in EST.  Based on my sister’s and my birth certificates, it appears they must have done it both ways.
 Thanks for an interesting website.
 Betty Ernst


Information about Frankford Hospital 
From Bobbie Folz Peters
Hello Vivian, 
My sister was born in 1944 while "War Time" was in existence year round.  (War time was the equivalent of Daylight Savings Time)  She was born in Philadelphia at the Frankford Hospital Oct 28, 1944 and her birth time was also recorded in standard time 4:31 pm EST.


Information about Women’s Hospital of Philadelphia and Chester-Crozer Hospital of Chester
I have two hospitals that I think used EST to document births but do not have anything firm.  It is not uncommon in Pennsylvania for a mother to insist that the birth time for her child is exactly one hour off than the time the hospital lists; or, for a mother to document in a baby’s book a birth time that is different than the officially listed time on the hospital Birth Record. 
The two hospitals that have come to my attention are Women’s Hospital of Philadelphia and Chester-Crozer Hospital of Chester, Pennsylvania.  Because of more than one report about discrepancies in the recording of birth times from these two hospitals, I feel fairly confident that both hospitals recorded birth times as EST during EDT.  Please let me know of your experience with these hospitals. 


Information about Passavant Hospital in the Hill District of Pittsburgh

Hi, I contacted you about the Pennsylvania time project a few weeks back because I was so *shocked* to learn that for decades hospitals had been recording times as Eastern Standard all year long. I NEVER knew this until I read it on your web site, and obviously for astrology buffs this bureaucratic quirk makes all the difference.

You can actually wheedle a birth time out of the state records office at New Castle, but, as you thought, you must write a letter specifying that you want the time specifically. I did this, and I got yet another form to fill out and return, which I did, again emphasizing I WANT THE TIME. 

A month later I got a birth certificate with the time! However, the certificate does not specify whether it's EST or EDT.... Passavant Hospital is in the Hill District Pittsburgh (site of probably thousands of Western Pennsylvania births, since it was built in 1854!)


Information about Montefiore Hospital
I was born at Montefiore Hospital in Pittsburgh in August of 1949. My mother recalls that it was an hour later at home than in the hospital so Montefiore was recording births in EST. I later confirmed the accuracy of my corrected birth chart via rectification. 
N. H.

Information about Saint Luke's Hospital
From Bobbie Folz Peters
Hello Vivian, 
I have some info concerning the recording of Pennsylvania births I hope you will find helpful.  I was born in the St. Luke's Hospital in Philadelphia (no longer in existence) on Aug 9, 1940.  The time of birth was recorded as 2:43 PM EST.  
Hi Amanda.
I was also born at St. Luke's in Philadelphia, no longer in existence. I think it was at Second & Spring Garden.
My chart has been rectified, and the Standard Time is correct.