Vivian Owen
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The following are computerized astrological reports you receive by email. They are clearly written and free of astrological jargon.

I must have your date, time, and city of birth. Email your information to me after you buy your Report or leave the information on my Contact page.

I will email your Report to you within 48 hours of receiving your payment.

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This Report provides valuable information that can assist you in making decisions and choices that lead to a successful year. Knowing how to work with your cycles and own inner timing can give you that extra edge you need with both career and personal matters. The Forecast Report with daily and major trends is approximately 90 pages.

This Report provides an in-depth analysis of your birth chart and a comprehensive view of your personality. It includes detailed descriptions of your approach to life, how you appear to others, your motivations, ambitions, challenges, and abilities.

This Report provides a fascinating and revealing description of your relationship. It includes a comparison of the personality and temperament of both people and a delineation of the major themes that brought you together including an analysis of friendship, romance, and sexual attraction.