Vivian Owen
Bringing Ancient Star Wisdom to Modern-Day Life
If you had a map that described your strengths and showed you how to capitalize on them to create success and happiness, would you want it? I have been interpreting that map, the astrological birth chart, for over twenty-five years helping people create the life they want.

I am passionate about educating people about ancient star wisdom and its modern-day application to everyday life. My astrological studies began in 1974 and I have maintained a private practice serving an international clientele since 1985.

I am the author of Lucky Stars Astrology: Bringing Ancient Star Wisdom to Modern-Day Life and have written for numerous astrology websites, blogs, and magazines. ​​

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Your AstroTwin
Astrology Reports
I offer 30-minute phone readings, a one-hour comprehensive review of your year ahead, and insight into your most important relationships. All include a copy of your birth chart.
Astrolpogy Reports provide inexpensive, valuable information that can assist you in making decisions, help you gain deeper understanding of your personality and  revealing insights into your relationships.
Who shares your birthday? Check out my list of hundreds of famous, interesting, talented people. Actors, athletes, singers, musicians, writers, politicians, innovaters, and more.
PA Time Project
Prior to April 12, 1972, Pennsylvania had a regulation that all birth times be recorded as Standard Time year-round. This meant that births that occurred during Daylight Savings Time had to be recorded as Standard Time.
Are you a freewheeling Aquarius or a loyal Taurus? Does Pisces light up your creative side? Does Capricorn motivate you to achieve your goals? Do you share a sign with Angelina Jolie, Taylor Swift, Kate Middleton, Albert Einstein, J. K. Rowling, or Martin Luther King, Jr.? 
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